Online ordering now available through Tock

How to order CURBSIDE:

-Call the number below
(if you can't get through, keep calling!)

-Provide the make and color of your car

-Provide a first and last name

-Order from the menu below (remember to mention allergies and aversions!)

-Provide a credit card type, number, and expiration date

-You will receive an estimated time for your order

-Pull up to the front of Nippon Tei (14025 Manchester Rd) and wait for an attendant to greet you

-The attendant will bring your order to you

4pm - 8pm
tuesday - Sunday

Call for Curbside Togo:
(636) 386-8999
(636) 386-8019

Tei Too Now Offering
Curbside ToGo

now open

for curbside